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[Alchemy] How to level Alchemy 1-700 completely free and make gold while doing it
This was before the profession changes in Legion, this won't work now, you can, however, level your Draenor Alchemy using this.

1. Head over to Stormshield if Alliance or Warspear if Horde and talk to the Alchemist Trainer and buy [A Treatise on the Alchemy of Draenor]

2. Use your daily cooldown to craft [Secrets of Draenor Alchemy]

3. Talk to the recipe vendor next to the Alchemy trainer and learn [Recipe: Draenic Philosopher's Stone]

4. Now you are going to level Alchemy from 1-700 just making Draenic Philosopher's stone and Vendoring them, I highly recommend SellJunk addon to make the vendoring easier.

If you notice the vendor price for Draenic Philosopher's stone is 25g 31s, and each requires:

5 x Alchemical Catalyst 
- EU Mean: 4.51gx5 = 22.5g                 
- US Mean: 4.42gx5 = 22.1g

1 x True Iron Ore
-EU Mean: 1.18g   
-US Mean: 1.81g

That means crafting cost of Draenic Philosopher's stone is:

EU Mean Cost: 23.68g
US Mean Cost: 23.91g

So, a profit of:
EU Profit per craft: 1.63g
US profit per craft: 1.40g

EU profit for 1-700: 1141g
US profit for 1-700: 980g

5. One trick I recommend is parking the character on which you want to level alchemy outside auction house and checking regularly and picking up cheap Alchemical catalyst and True iron ore stacks

6. To sum it up leveling Alchemy from 1-700 requires:
    Frostweed x 5
    Alchemical Catalyst x 3500
    True Iron ore x 700

I have written over 350+ guides for World of Warcraft on this forum. 
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