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Alchemy 7.2.5 WoW Gold Making Guide
Below is a table of Rank 3s crafting potions you should focus on and that still sell:

ItemStack SizeNote
Potion Of Old War1,5,20Used By Progression Raiders*
Potion of Deadly Grace1,5,20Used By Progression Raiders*
Leytorrent Potion1,5,20Used By Progression Raiders*
Potion of Prolonged Power100Used By Progression Raiders* and one of Alchemy's BoS sinks
Ancient Healing PotionN/AObliterum Shuffle at 1.5ash/potion
Infernal Alchemist TrinketN/AObliterum Shuffle at 150ash/trinket. Rank 3 is approx 30% proc rate

Remember, these items spike in prices on Tuesdays (because of raiders) and decline throughout the week. Check WuwAuction/Undermine Journal for trends on your server.

For me personally and the server I play on, the flasks have not been profitable for a long time, so I just skip them.
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