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p.s. also from others forum/site
Shatterqte;3785298 Wrote:Mage Tower Boost on my fire mage was done super fast. Support was friendly and nice to talk to.

Kiyaku;3820064 Wrote:Bought a full heroic Antorus clear and received all the gear that I needed. Very friendly and highly recommended! Run was finished in a few hours and with no issues  by far one of the better boosting services out there! Debate it no more and order now!

Buzz101Tich;3821375 Wrote:Bought a +15 run at an amazing price and had a perfect experience. Great customer service, awesome prices and amazing run times!
Quote:I've tried a lot of websites and most are high prices, long wait times, and grumpy customer service, but not CakeBoost!
Thank you Cakeboost!!!
jigsaw26;3838855 Wrote:Purchased Mage Tower for my Paladin. They started right away and got it done in 20 minutes from the time I ordered. Will use them again.

impulse102;3839015 Wrote:Ordered 2x Mage tower boosts. Order was completed very quickly with no hassles. Highly recommended

Mhuqql;3841497 Wrote:Purchased Argus Mythic Argus Mount. Was a little bit worried cause Its a lot of money but really smooth Kill. Awesome communication all the time! Was so happy that I even bought Guldan Mount from them! 10/10 would definately recommend these guys!

Jiangli;3842564 Wrote:I have an ilvl 940 Outlaw Rogue. I'm also disabled and doing the challenge was leaving me in agony physically. After 70 wipes (once I got Agatha down to 11% and got blown into the lava by an exploding imp and died), I paid to have these folks do the challenge for me, and less than 20 minutes later, I had my appearance. Fast, friendly, and thanks so much to the person who finally blotted Agatha from my existence. 10/10, would do again.

zakdorn32;3843708 Wrote:Bought yet another heroic run, with full prio and 4/6 tier parts. Didn't get alle tier parts, so the leader gave me the trinket from last boss! I did ask for this, if they had not been cool with it, they were already prepared to bring me for another boss so I could get the last token. Yet another great experience! Still highly recommend these guys!

TheTacoDog;3843742 Wrote:Bought a Boost For mage tower, Was contacted right after I bought it, was quick and fast under 15 minutes boom Done from purchase to completion, 10/10 would recommend and will totally be buying again in the future.
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  • areanda, baybus, beveia, caneve, feliko, leomayer, nadusi
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Daily thread up!

Daily thread up!
Daily thread up!
Excellent service, very quickly fulfilled the order.
Well done. Quickly and effectively. Nice talking
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The best booster in the world
Bought on this resource only once and was very pleased! Sellers are good, responsive support. I recommend.
Thank you for the quality!
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Thank you very much, very good site
Quickly done, thanks
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