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54lvl tauren female hunter wow classic and 120lvl nelf hunter acc
Wts 54 lvl tauren female hunter on wow classic (skullflame eu), 60percent riding mount and skill, about 100g combined in bankalts. 27 lvl troll shaman fully rested/ also in same account BFA 120 survival hunter 429 ilvl, bfa flying achievments unlocked.

Im the original owner of the account and account has been created and active since 2007 (burning crusade)

Asking price is - 100euro
Accepting bitcoin or ethereum or simple SEPA bank transfer or paypal
contact me - [email protected] or skype - Justux1111

you can view images of characters in https://imgur.com/a/lbbvjNI

Selling because i got a new job and dont have any time to play anymore

subscribtion is active till december

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