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4 Gold Making Tips for Launch Day in WoW Classic
With Classic launching mere hours away, here are a few things you should do once you get into the game to set yourself up to earn a lot of gold in the future:

Tip #1: Make all the bank alts you can

Many players already understand the advantage of having a bank alt. Your bank gives you access to free bag/bank slots and you can mail items to your bank while you level to avoid making long trips back to a capital city every time you need to auction items.

However, you can and should take this tip a step further by making as many bank alts as you can (10 character limit per realm). Each additional bank alt gives you even more free bag/bank slots. Assign each bank alt to specific markets/roles. 

This will help you stay organized and avoid feeling burnt out when managing the auction house. Imagine trying to organize cloths, leathers, herbs, minerals, potions, essences, enchanting mats, etc all on the same bank alt. You will spend a lot of time fatiguing your decision making ability just trying to keep everything organized. 
So separate them into different characters and save your decision making energy for playing the market.

Tip #2: Grind mobs that will drop items that will gain value in upcoming phases

For example, if you're Horde, kill all the cats you come across in the Barrens and save the Small Furry Paws for when the Dark Moon Faire drops. If you're an alliance, you can find cats that drop paws in Darkshore. Do the same with items like Torn Bear Pelt, Soft Bushy Tail, and so on. You'll be grinding mobs any way, you may as well grind the ones that drop abnormally higher value loot. 

Tip #3: Buy buy buy on the auction house

Items on the auction house will never again be as cheap as they are during launch. This is because the gold supply is tiny and low-level goods supply is large. 

People will be vendoring gathered resources like leathers and ores during the launch because the market will be flooded with them and no one will have enough gold to drive up the prices.
This is a unique opportunity for you to buy and stock up on items that will explode in price during certain content releases. Even resources as basic as copper ore will explode in price during the AQ event down the line. 

If you have spare gold that you do not need to buy spells/mounts, buying up these cheap auctions is an almost guaranteed way to make gold.

A lot of events overlap in what items/resources they need. For example, copper, tin, and iron will be used in the Darkmoon Faire event, the AQ event, leveling up professions like blacksmithing and engineering, and much more. So if you find auctions for this selling at near vendor prices, it's all but guaranteed you will make gold from them in the near (and distant) future.

Tip #4: Grind on the most profitable mobs

There will be a lot of competition for quest mobs, particularly those needed in mainstream questlines. You will want to avoid bottlenecking your leveling by competing against dozens of other players for the same boss spawn and instead continue leveling by grinding mobs.

However, which mobs you grind is very important. Some mobs drop items that vendor/sell so well that they compete in profitability with mobs that are 10+ levels higher. So if you are going to need to grind mobs anyway, why not grind the most profitable ones?

In your starting zones, focus on killing boars/wolves for their meat. These are used to power level cooking. Once you get to the Barrens/Darkshore, kill cats for Small Furry Paws. At higher levels, you can start killing elementals like the fire elementals in Stonetalon Mountains or the Thundering Boulderkins in Thousand Needles.

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There is a farm that you can do as a rogue at around level 35, where you basically just farm chests in Scarlet Monastery Graveyard. It drops some good blues that will sell pretty good early on and they aren't that rare to drop either.


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