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[2.4.3] Feenix | High Rate Progressive
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Dear users of the MetaWoW forum! Below, we acquaint you with our new project, the World of Warcraft private server, based on the The Burning Crusade expansion.

The project is currently under preparation and we are gathering our own community before its official release. Herein we strongly emphasize that Feenix is and will be a full-fledged, international server. The previous Feenix was our favorite place to play and gave us a lot of fun. We are sure that not only we but also many people associate this server in exactly the same way. In summary, this project is being created for two reasons:
[Image: left.png] to map already absent at the scene of private servers Archangel Realm, also known as WoWone,
[Image: left.png] to bridge a gap in the High Rate sector, which negatively affected the Burning Crusade expansion.

Our work on the project dates back to August 2017. During that time, our emulator received a large amount of corrections, which will be easily visible to everyone from the first day of using our server. We are a project based on a proven source code continuously improved by our Developer Team. Needless to say, it is our intention to conduct closed beta tests of the server.  More information about this event will be provided on our forum and social profiles.

High Blizzlike - is a profound vision of this project, hence all settings of the current Feenix are default to value x1, with the exception of getting experience to maintain the consistency of our vision and the previous version of Archangel. The experience multiplier is x14, which is really a lot. The emulator will allow anyone to reach the maximum level very quickly and enjoy the game, on The Burning Crusade expansion.

Lack of possibility Pay2Win is a mandatory point of our assumptions. It is obvious for our administration to prohibit possibility of trading in our store items giving an advantage over other players. You can now be sure that every new player with aspirations to be really good among others has to take into account that apart from his own skills, there is no other way to achieve his or intended goal.

The location of our servers and other data is west Germany, that is why all Europeans can be calm and play with very low latency. We will also do our best for players from other continents to provide them comfort gaming from any place on Earth, no matter where they use our project.

We are obviously open to cooperation. If you are willing to join our team, and not necessarily gaming, feel free to email us via the form available on our website. We will respond to every message with great pleasure.

Useful links:

~ Project website -> click here,
~ Project forum -> click here,
~ Facebook profile -> click here.

Best regards, the Feenix project team!

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