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12 Must have Addons for Vanilla/Classic WoW [1.12.1 / 1.12.2]
Unbelievable. Much love!
vai se foder caralho
(11-14-2016, 08:25 AM)Phoen1x Wrote: Update: New Thread for WoW Classic Release


Zygor Guides for Classic WoW is also available for Download:


Below is the information for addons that work on Private Vanilla servers only! for WoW Classic by Blizzard check the links above.

I am sharing with you guys a pack of 12 of the best add-ons for Vanilla WoW to help newer players find their way!

This addon pack has been tested and working on the following servers:

This works on the Official Blizzard Classic WoW Server as well tested on 10 August 2019

This also works on the private servers below:
Elysium, Light's Hope Anathema & Lightbringer, Kronos 3, Feenix, The Rebirth, WOW-Atlantida, Classic-WoW, NostalGeek, RetroWoW, VanillaGaming, Nostralia it should work on almost every Classic/Vanilla Private Server running client version 1.12.1 / 1.12.2

It took me a lot of time to dig through curseforge and wowinterface archives to find the perfect version of this client and package it. I have personally tested each and every one of them to be working on all the different Classic servers mentioned above including the Official Classic WoW server.

The Addon pack comes with the following add-ons:
  • Aux (Auction house addon for vanilla wow. Like today's auctionator, but a little toned down)
  • Atlas Loot (Loot addon, shows potential drops from bosses in instances)
  • Bagnon (Bag sorting and filtering addon)
  • Bigwigs (Addon like DBM for vanilla)
  • Questie (Very helpful addon for help with quests in Vanilla WoW, shows direction arrow and marks map toned down version of Zygor guides/Dugi guides for Vanilla)
  • Enemy Cast Bar (Shows enemy casting bar helpful as animations are not polished during Vanilla period)
  • Improved Error Frame (Addon that helps with the error frames, very helpful in vanilla wow, less screen clutter)
  • Omni CC (Another cast bar addon that tells you cast time, helpful for PvP)
  • SW_Stats (Recount like meter for vanilla WoW)
  • CT_Mailmod  (Addon like postal that you can use to one click receive all mails)
  • KTM  (Threat meter, highly required addon in classic wow as threat is a huge problem, use this in dungeon/raids even if you are DPS or healer you will find out why when you are in an instance)
  • Luna Unit Frames (Decent unit frames addon with good customization options)

Download (Google Drive and Mediafire Mirrors):

Links for Addons in Beta for Classic WoW (7 September 2019)

sweet list thanks for everything
thanks for posting man
(11-27-2016, 05:17 PM)issa83 Wrote: Thank you for this  Smile

Thank you for this hope link still works Wink
Thanks for your post.
Thank you for the upload!
thank you for sharing!
thank you very much.
|Thank you for this it is much appreciated
Good stuff thanks for sharing

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