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12 Easy and Beginner Friendly Wow Gold Farming Methods To Sustain Monthly Sub
12 Easy and Beginner Friendly Wow Gold Farming Methods To Sustain Your WoW Subscription

With wow tokens being a thing many players are starting to get interested in wow gold farming techniques. In this guide I'm going to shed some light on various techniques you can use to make gold in order to technically play wow for free using the tokens.

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  1. Catacalysm 25 HC
    Soloing the Catacalysm Raids in 25 m Hard mode you get around 1-3k each, on 25 m HC the boss drops 125 raw gold and then you get loads of epics which you ca just vendor. You also get some BoE transmog which you can sell. Doing this can net around 8k gold on one character now multiply this with the amount of characters you have and there you have it, quick and easy way to farm some raw gold.

  2. Killing Elites in Tanaan Jungle:

    What we are farming here is the Medallion of the Legion which increases the reputation you earn with denizens of Draenor by 1000. These items almost instantly sell because lots of people want to buy them to get rep which is required for flying in Draenor. This item has a 33% drop chance from the following Elites: Terrorfist, Vengeance, Doomroller, Deathtalon. Just enter Tanaan Jungle and find a group either in general chat or use the premade group finder and enter the names of the bosses to find a group.

  3. Bastion Of Twilight Thrash Farm:

    This one is widely known and popular. All you do is enter Bastion of Twilight 25m clear the first room reset and repeat until you reach your maximum amount of instances. This method will give you loads of Embersilk Cloth, disenchant the greens or sell them. If you are tailor and enchanter you can make bags with the embersilk and disenchant the greens and sell the mats. You also get the buff on cloth drop with cloth scavenging trait which Tailors get. You can also use Potion of Treasure Finding to increase your net gold earned per hour.

  4. Followers and Garrison:

    Recruit as many Treasure hunter followers as you can, even in Legion these the followers with treasure hunting trait will still be strong as they will get a new 200% garrison resource trait which you can trade for crafting mats later during Legion. Now as for Draenor they are the best traited followers for making gold. Level them and send them to gold mission and watch the gold roll in. Upgrade your Inn to level 3 to get more gold missions with higher yield.

  5. Vale Of Eternal Blossoms Farming:

    We will have a video on this soon so keep checking the guide on our youtube channel or guide section.

  6. Kill Kazzak Every Week On All Characters:

    Kazzak is the new world boss in Tanaan Jungle who drops Felblight which is also sold instantly as many people require it for crafting. Open your premade group finder, go to custom tab and enter kazzak and join any group that is aout to kill him. Usually he drops around 5-15 Felblight which goes for around 80-110 gold each. That's a nice amount of gold for just 5 minutes of work.

  7. Farming Savage Blood:

    Another surefire way of making gold is savage blood, while the price of savage blood has decreased since launch, they are now easier to farm via Barn than ever. You are guaranteed to sell these as they are required for many upgrade components.
    You will require a level 3 Barn and a group of people to trap the animal with, don't worry everyone in the group gets the caged beasts, so this allows groups to grind them up really quickly. Also, as of latest patch the savage blood drop change from Barn increases if you have a skinning follower. You can also use the rush work orders to complete the work order instantly.

  8. Upgrading and trying to sell crafted epics:

    If you want to put in the effort, you can buy a Peerless gear stage 1 for under 1k use upgrade components from auction house to upgrade it to stage 4 or 6 and try selling it on trade chat. While these do not sell fast I usually net a profit margin of about 4-5k on each crafted item just auto spamming the trade chat.

  9. Passive gold from small buildings:

    Make level 2 of Jewelcrafting and Inscription small building in garrison. Assign a follower to them and complete the daily quest for them. Also keep the work order on Inscription hut rolling to craft the Card of omens for some extra gold. Average gold from these per character is around 500/day doing very small tasks.

  10. Making gold from Professions:

    Regular way of making gold from professions still works and the profits from crafts are also amazing. Enchants, glyphs and gems are the top sellers. Transmuting different MoP and older mats can also net you quite a bit of gold. Check the profession section on tips on how to level your professions 1-700 easily and make gold with them.

  11. Farming Transmogs:

    This is quite honestly a huge topic and I cannot include them all in this section but I will point the notable farms you could do. Farming Ahn'Qiraj, Battered Hilt, Zul'Farrak, Gnomeregan, Diremaul are currently the best places to make LIV (looted item value) gold.

  12. Farming BoE from raids:

    If you have a like minded guild that wants to arn some gold, assemble a group of 6-7 people and start farming trash mobs in Blackrock Foundry, Hellfire Citadel and sell them on the auction house. These items usually go anywhere from 5k to 100k all depends on ilvl, stats and warforged luck.

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yes I know this is our Youtube channel, but there I post the latest gold farming techniques and by subscribing you get that content days before I post it on forums or reddit. This way you have a 2 day head start on any gold farming method that is released and avoid competition completely.
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