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110-120 Selfplay leveling - 7-20 min per level
Selfplay leveling (without account sharing):
Price for 110-120 (7-20 min per level): €3 per level (€2.5 if you bring a friend or another account to level along with you) - Freehold runs (only EU, Alliance/Horde).
Message me for a personal price if you've got heirlooms and/or Draught of Ten Lands.

Selfplay expeditions:
Price for Normal:
€0.8 per run (only EU, Alliance/Horde).

Doing it with a DH, 110 lvl, 257 ilvl, 80% of mastery.

Payment options: Paypal, Skrill.

Message me at:
Skype: Elradrieniel
any vouches? Or past leveling?
(11-02-2018, 02:33 AM)funtime Wrote: any vouches? Or past leveling?

Sent a PM.
Added selfplay leveling and corrected prices.
Selfplay leveling and expeditions are now available on EU Alliance as well.

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