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110-120 Selfplay leveling - 4-20 min per level
Selfplay leveling (without account sharing):

Default price for 110-120:
€3 per level.
Providing a discount based on how many XP increasing buffs you've got.
Possible sources of XP buffs: heirlooms, Draught of Ten Lands (A/H), Insightful Rubellite, Darkmoon Faire buffs.
Time to get a level: from 4 minutes (with the maximum possible 80% XP increase) to 20 minutes (without any buffs).
Method of leveling: Freehold runs with my DH, semi-afk.
Summon to the dungeon is possible.

Selfplay expeditions:

Price for Normal runs:
€0.8 per run.
Instant queue pop thanks to my alt queuing with us.

Available on:
EU - Alliance/Horde.
US - Horde only.
Runs are being done by a well-geared DH, lvl 110.
Fluent English is included :)

Payment options: Paypal, Skrill.

Message me at:
Skype: Elradrieniel
any vouches? Or past leveling?
(11-02-2018, 02:33 AM)funtime Wrote: any vouches? Or past leveling?

Sent a PM.
Added selfplay leveling and corrected prices.
Selfplay leveling and expeditions are now available on EU Alliance as well.

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