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110-120 Boost in Freehold (~2 hours). Selfplay.
  • All you need to do its come to Freehold dungeon with your 110lvl character and follow me (stay in 50-100 range).
  • You will get your 120lvl in just ~2 hours (if you have heirlooms, potion and gem. You can ask me how to obtain all this things)
  • Available on EU realms ALLIANCE/HORDE.
  • The benefits of my offer are low cost and high speed.
Leveling with heirlooms: 1.25EUR/Lvl or 1.4USD/Lvl
Leveling without heirlooms: 2.1EUR/Lvl or 2.4USD/Lvl (may take more than 3 hours)

Skype: live:papashkolik
Discord: MoltenGuy#6251

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