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110-120 | 20-120 Leveling (incl. selfplay) | Achievements, reputations, etc.
Selfplay leveling (without account sharing):
Price for 110-120 (~20 min per level): $3 per level ($2.5 if you bring a friend or another account to level along with you) - Freehold runs (only EU, Horde).

Selfplay expeditions:
Price for Normal:
$0.8 per run (only EU, Horde).

Piloted leveling:
What you will get:
  • Lvl 120.
  • Unlocked World Quests.
  • Unlocked footholds.
  • Everything that a character gets during the leveling (you can decide if gear should be scrapped/disenchanted/sold).
  • In case of an Allied Race leveling: an achievement and Heritage Armor (the only way to get it is to level a character manually, without a Blizzard’s boost).
  • Live stream of the whole leveling process (only you will have access to the stream).
  • Direct communication with a worker in good English.
Price for 110-120 (24 hours): $20.
Price for 110-120 (12 hours): $35.
Price for 20-120 (~4-5 days): $80 (with all and fully upgraded XP heirloom gear, otherwise the price will be higher).
If you need a leveling in a different level range, contact me for a price.
If you need to access your account for raids or something else, we can figure out timeframes when I can log in for the leveling.
I will use a paid VPN to match your country.
No bots/cheats/Chinese kids will be used.
Regions: NA/EU.

The main payment option is Paypal, but on a customer's request I’m ready to look into other options.

Message me at:
Skype: Elradrieniel
Don't hesitate to contact me if you need some other services (achievements, reputations, quests, etc.)
any vouches? Or past leveling?
(11-02-2018, 02:33 AM)funtime Wrote: any vouches? Or past leveling?

Sent a PM.
Added selfplay leveling and corrected prices.

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