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10 Tips To get Gold for Mount at level 40 in Classic WoW
Here are 10 Tips to help be able to get your mount training at level 40!


This is important. Make sure to loot everything and keep track of a close vendor so you will be able to sell whenever your close to it or bags are full.


Bagspace will be an issue 100%. If you invest in bags early you will be able to carry more and earn your money back fast. Remember that in Classic wow classes have to carry totems, arrows, poisons, ahnk etc in their bags, so having extra space is very important.

Note: There are a few quests that rewards bags out there in Azeroth for both Horde and Alliance. You should focus on doing these quests if you need bigger bags.

Here are some of them:

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there are more quest that rewards bags, especially early lvls but the bags are 4-8 slots and they will most likely drop for you anyway.


Create a level 1 character and run it to one of the main city where there is an auction house and a bank. You will use this alt as a bank. Everything you farm on your main character and wants to sell or save for later, you mail those items to your bank. Bagspace is critical in classic so having a character who can hold all your items is good.


At level 5 go find the nearest town to learn professions. I would recommend Skinning and Mining/Herb. When your leveling up you will fight ALOT of beasts. They are skinnable and the mats you will get can either be sold to vendor for a extra gold boost or you send them to a bank character and sell them on the auction house. 

Personally, I would sell everything to the vendor until level 30 ish and then start saving the hides and sell them on the auction house (Hides is used for Leatherworking). This will earn you a lot of extra gold. 

While having skinning, You learn Mining OR Herbalism aswell. You track nodes/herbs and mine/herb everything you see while leveling. Send herbs and ores to a bank character and sell them on the auction house. People need these to level up Engineering and Alchemy and those professions are very popular at level 60 for PVP and Potions.
Note: Remember to buy a skinning knife and mining pick!


When you're low on quests, Go grind! In classic wow, there isn't enough quest to level all the way up. You will have to grind. When you're struggling in a zone where adds are tough, find a decent zone and grind mobs until you lvl up! LOOT EVERYTHING + SKINNING. This will grant you experience and earn you some extra gold!


Learn fishing at level 5 and fish when you see a fish pool. You save the fish and mail them to your bank alt and sell them on the auction house. The fish is used for cooking recipes and will sell easy.
Note: Remember to have a fishing pole in your bag at all time!


This one can save you ALOT of gold while leveling up to 60. Skills are extremely expensive in classic. its not like retail where you get the skill while leveling up. 

You have to buy every rank of every skill! Instead of buying every skill, you skip the ones that you won't be using. An example can be as a shaman, don't learn Farsight. When your getting high level each skill will cost you a couple of gold so if you skip the ones that are useless you will save A LOT.


As your level grows higher, Food and water will cost more. As a mana user, you HAVE to have water in your bags at all time and Food for non-mana users. A smart tip to save gold on food and water is asking a MAGE to make it for you before you go out to quest. 

Either you have a friend that plays a mage or you ask some random to make them for you for a small fee. This is a win-win for everyone. The mage gets some money and you save money. 

This is also a great way to get to know new people. I mean this is Classic. Making friends ingame is one of the best part of the game!


There are profession vendors all over Azeroth that sells recipes. What you want to do is buy them and resell them on the auction house. A lot of people just buy recipes from the auction house instead of running out and find them. If you do this you will earn a little profit from each recipe you got and will earn you a little bit extra on your way to mount skill.


Grind dungeons when you get dungeon quests or are struggling to find a quest. Dungeons will drop a lot of world drops or even blue rares that you can sell to either a vendor or the auction house. Every time you get an upgrade you can vendor your old piece aswell to earn you a couple of extra gold.
Hope this was helpful and good luck getting your mount at level 40!

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