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1-Month WoW Token Challenge Results (1.2 million gold, 62 hours, 9 WoW Tokens)
Hi guys and girls,

I’ve lurked for a bit, and this is my first time posting here. So, hopefully, someone finds this as helpful as I have found many other posts.  Also, I was asked to post this guide over here, so I hope this post proves to be useful to someone! 

My name is Qyune, and some of you may know me from my 12-Class All-The-Things Challenge, where we are trying to collect everything in the game. However, for the month of July, August, and going forward, we will also be including new gold-earning based challenges.

I am writing this as summary of my first 1-month long gold farming challenge and how I made enough gold to buy 9 – 10 WoW Tokens of the course of that time. The goal for this challenge was very simple: I wanted to see if it was feasible for someone to pay for Classic by playing as little time as possible in Retail (using Retail gold to pay for a WoW Token) from the perspective of a person who doesn’t really know much of the gold farming tactics.


Below is a list of the guidelines I used for such our WoW Token Challenge:
  1. Player has a 110+ character
  2. Player is not familiar with common gold-farming tactics
  3. No flipping of items
  4. No usage of alts
  5. No purchasing of vendor items to resell on AH
  6. Player’s character on a low population realm
  7. Farm time is limited to an average of 2 hours per day
The thought process is to simulate a person coming back to play Classic and would like to (or can only) pay with WoW Tokens. Now, the important thing to realize before getting into the results of this challenge is that there are ALWAYS assumptions to consider. And these assumptions will play a key role in this guide in both the advice given and the experience shared.

Below is a list of the assumptions:

  1. The 110 character. The player has purchased BfA and, therefore, has a 110 character boost to use. This will obviously not be the case for many returning Classic players, but this will be an issue I am addressing in the next challenge (in August).
  2. The realm. Realms can be categorized in many different ways such as hi-pop, low-pop, RP, Normal, strong economy, weak economy, raid orientated, PvP orientated, and etc. However, at the end of the day, each realm is uniquely different. So, the results of my exact activity on a different realm may generate more or less gold depending on the server.
  3. The time limit. Since this is my first challenge of this nature, I wanted to start with a time load that was feasible for me and what I felt would yield successful results. However, the truth of the matter, is that some people can only afford 15 minutes per day. Others may only be able to afford 30, 45, 60 minutes and etc. The point is that that my selection for 2 hours was an arbitrary starting point. (More on this later)
  4. The experience. So, one of the things I governed was my ‘farming’ time. Meaning, I didn’t count the listing / Auction House time. Everyone has different levels of experience, speed, and addons when it comes to listing items on the Auction House, so I didn’t want to muddy the water with that time.
  5. The travel. I ended up earning flying on my main during the challenge, so that allowed me to move a bit faster. Now, the million gold question would be, “By how much does flying make a difference?” 5%? 50%? 500%? Will that always be the case on each realm, regardless of character class differences at different times of the day with warmode on or off? Who knows.
  6. The timing. So, if someone else does the exact same actions I did in my farm a month from now, there results may differ. Timing / Luck isn’t everything, but it isn’t nothing either. Things like a new raid, new patch, new ‘Raiding with Leashes’ achievement, Classic launching, and other things can really impact how effective a person can be at making gold.

So, now that we have a little bit of a foundation for our first challenge, let’s start on July 1st 2019. The first thing we did, was run LFR and Normal MoP raids. This immediately gave us some liquid gold and a few pets to throw on the Auction House for the rest of the month. If I was a player who flipped goods, then this would potentially allow for an entry-level foothold into the economy. And these runs only take about 1-2 hours per week depending on hearthstone location, character level / power / spec, and whether or not a player has flying.

Once, we had some gold on us and some pets on the Auction House, then it was all about figuring out what sells on this server! I think if there is a golden paragraph or two of information, then these next few will be it! The idea is that we need to understand what people on this server are interested in buying (or at the very least, not interested in buying). So, the first thing I did was head over to Wintergrasp and farm up some Titanium, Saronite, and all the herbs nearby. I did this for about an hour, then I went and farmed in the Burning Crusade zones for more herbs and ore. And, of course, once done, list those on the Auction House.

So, at this point in the challenge, we have MoP pets, Wrath materials, and BC materials on the Auction House. The next day, when I check my mail, I was met with BC materials having sold. So, at that point, I know exactly what I need to do – go farm replacement BC materials, because I found something that sold! Since, no Wrath materials sold, there was no reason to go back to Wrath content. The next place to go would be Cata zones for more ore and herbs. So, now I have 4 large categories of materials on the Auction House.

By this point, you may have already picked up on the pattern, but all I am doing is farming by trial and error. If something sells, I go farm a replacement, if it doesn’t sell, I don’t worry about it (and just relist it until it does). Don’t be afraid to write stuff down to keep an idea of what sells (and the depth and detail of that is completely up to you). For me, personally, I just wrote down big sales, that way I knew what to farm next. Also, be aware of things that are expensive to list and have a low sell rate. For me, that was gems. By the end of the first week, I stopped selling gems altogether and simply vendored them. At this point, I am just letting the market tell me what to do from day to day. However, I noticed that if I wanted to go through the MoP raids faster, then I need to level up.
Therefore, the most lucrative way for me to level was to head over to BfA and burn up my rested XP by gathering ore and herbs. Once here, this became my focal point. I occasionally replaced the older expansion materials as I came across them, but the current materials sold so quickly that it was hard not to focus on them. And this can be seen with the link below (google.doc). BTW, leveling up turned out to be a great investment of time.

All that being said, I did have about 6 categories of materials that I farmed listed below:

  • LFR / Normal MoP raids
  • BC ore and herbs
  • Wrath ore and herbs
  • Cata ore and herbs
  • BfA ore and herbs
  • Nazjatar ore and herbs
Once I had all of these materials on the Auction House, I just went out and farmed whatever sold. Again, the link provided will show what I did each day of the challenge. There is a lot of flexibility here. And, to be honest, I really want to stress the practice over blind repetition. For example, we didn’t even get into cloth farming, elemental material farming, and etc, because there wasn’t really a need. It’s OK to make mistakes in these situations.

For example, I thought a Thorium farm would be a really good idea. My initial thought was that Thorium ore sold well (it did not), and that the Arcane Crystals would be icing on the cake. Truth be told, I think my mining skill was too low, and so the crystal rarely dropped. I thought about going back and continuing the farm to max out the mining, but I never ended making it back there. We may try again in August. The point though, is to say that it wasn’t a great farm, but the materials still sold – it just took them longer.

Anyway, at the end of the day, I grossly underestimated how much gold a person can make with purely farming each day. As of July 31, I have made 1,255,000 gold with 62 hours farming. However, and again, not everyone has 2 hours per day to give. So, I would like to mention that if I was making a clickbait YouTube video, I would say “LEARN HOW TO MAKE A WOW TOKEN IN 20 MINUTES (per day)!!!!!” by dividing the 12 hours it took me to get my first WoW Token by the 31 days. 

However, the reason I continued to farm for the rest of the month was because it was fun. Additionally, I am glad I did, because this gold making method is definitely ramp-like. It can start off a little slow, but if you are persistent and diverse, then the gold will build up quickly.

Also, I have tried to be as careful as possible when it comes to the sensationalizing of this challenge and the results. So, for the sake of being upfront, honest, and realistic about the information, I will provide the document I used to track the gold and other details on a daily basis.

To provide total clarity, I will reiterate details some may deem as ‘loopholes’ below:

  1. My character was 111 when I started, but I believe the time to level difference between 110 and 111 is negligible.
  2. Played a tiny bit extra – for example, like killing the world boss for a weapon. Again, if I earned a couple hundred gold from quests, I feel it doesn’t really impact or compare to an income of over 1 million gold.
  3. I do have flying. This will probably be the largest difference between those attempting this challenge. A player can definitely cover more ground while flying, but as far as how much, I have no idea. Regardless, I simply was not about to run when I could fly.
  4. Heirlooms. I used them.
  5. The Eternal Palace. I do think this raid helped inflate the costs of herbs and ore a bit. Again, how much and to what extent, I don’t know.
  6. The time. The time limitations are for the farming only. It was extra to list items.
All-in-all, this was a very fun challenge, and I am glad I ventured out of my comfort zone to do this type of activity. My goal at the end of the day, was not to do an arbitrary and extraordinarily difficult challenge, but rather, start a challenge that may give other Classic and/or Retail players an option in order to pay for their account.


I mentioned a few times that this is my first gold-farming challenge. Additionally, there are two reasons I am uploading this to Reddit today:

  1. I’ve farmed the 62 hours already, and now I will be posting on the Auction House every day until the end of the challenge.
  2. In August, I will be doing another challenge with stricter guidelines, so if there are any further lessons learned that I can apply, I am open to do so. Also, considering thoughts and opinions.
Regarding the new gold-challenge in August, there will be a few major changes. The first of which, is that I will be starting from level 1. So, this will add a very important dynamic to the challenge as I attempt to balance leveling up and farming, but the goal will remain the same – gold for at least 1 WoW Token.

The tentative guidelines for next challenge are listed below:

  1. Start at level 1
  2. (May or may not) use heirlooms
  3. Flying is OK
  4. No Auction House flipping
  5. No buying vendor items to sell
  6. No alt usage
  7. 2 hours per day gameplay limit
  8. (May or may not) limit max level to 110 (I could use him for our 12-Class All-The-Things Challenge at a later time)
The thought process would be to simulate a Classic player who has not purchased BfA. And while many will not have heirlooms and flying, I still want the challenge to be fun. So, I may forgo that relatability for simply enjoyment of the gameplay.


So, for this and other challenges, I wanted to take the approach of someone with very little knowledge in gold farming. For me, that was easy, because I really am new to it all in comparison to some you lovely Goblins here. However, I just want to round up everything that I have learned thus far and place them in one concise list.

Below is my list of Lessons Learned:

  1. Diversity cannot be understated. Break things up in every way. Don’t allow yourself to get burned out doing any one thing. Burning out while farming ore and herbs in BfA? Then try farming in BC or Wrath. Tired of gathering altogether? Then run LFR’s. Tired of those two? Then grind mobs for cloth and etc.
  2. Find a way to enjoy the game, then make gold from that. For me, I prefer to make 5 gold in 5 hours doing something I enjoy, rather than make 10 gold in 2 hours doing something I hate. This is meant to be fun, so don’t punish yourself!
  3. Diversity again! Sell in different size stacks. Learn how many of something is needed to make something, and sell in that stack size (especially dailies). And as always, neat stacks of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 are nice selling points.
  4. Time of day. I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of materials I farm in the mornings vs afternoons. Furthermore, even in afternoons, there is a significant difference between Tuesday afternoons vs Saturday afternoons.
  5. Know your server. Each server is different. I covered this earlier. Find the gap in your server, and fill it.
  6. Start with profession materials. If you are starting out like me, I would advise against trying to transmog farm (this is all aside from if you actually enjoy doing this, of course). Typically, transmogs (and sometimes pets) are a slower sell even though they can go for quite a bit. I still have pets I picked up from the first day of the challenge. They sell, it can just take time – this overlaps a bit with knowing your server. For beginners, I would advise sticking with gathering professions and progress from there.


During the course of my adventures, several questions were asked, which I always enjoy answering. One thing, you may hear as a reoccurring theme in my messages is to have fun. The gold farming community is one of my favorites to lurk and be a part of, and there is so much thought and effort that goes into Goblin’s actions. It may be my newness or just my play style, but I prioritize fun and enjoyment above efficiency. So, if my answers do not make sense with regards to efficiency, that is likely why.

Why did you limit yourself to 2 hours per day (some would say most people don’t have that kind of time)? 

For me, this is my first challenge, and I still consider myself new to gold farming specifically. So, it was arbitrary, but I wanted to error on too much time rather than not enough. If I have too much time, then I can reach my goal and easily divide the time spent over a month. The extra time just provides answers to the what-if questions.

Why mining and herbalism over other professions? 

For leveling, these seem to provide the largest benefit as they also gave XP. Also, raw materials seem to sell the quickest. I considered skinning, but again, I would lose out on the XP. Then again, on some servers, the lose of XP may be made by the price and amount of leather sold. Know your server. I simply stayed away from crafting professions. I don’t know much of what sells from them (per server), and transmogs generally take a long time to sell (plus, the rare materials can take more time than it is worth to farm).


  1. Graph of data:
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  2. As promised, here is the link to the spreadsheet I used (the information is under the ‘WoW Token Challenge’ tab):
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  3. Some are having a hard time with the google.doc, so here is an image of the data supporting the graph:
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  4. Drustvar Map:
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  5. Tirigarde Sound Map:
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SOCIAL LINKS (as requested)

Twitter (daily gold status updates):
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thanks for the post
This is amazing. Do you have a stream schedule?
I will watch.
@anto1000 - No problem!  Happy to help where I can!  

@InvincibleReign - I do!  I start streaming every day at 6:00AM EST (I know... I'm an early bird, what can I say), but as far as how long I stream for, the schedule is posted on my Twitter as well as the offline image on Twitch.  

@everyone - I will continue to keep an eye on this post in case any questions pop up.  Also, I would like to improve the format of the original post, so some of the spacing and etc may become neater / cleaner soon.
Thanks for the post man.
Ty for guide, helped a lot
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YO, I remember watching you do an Ironman challenge on Hunter on youtube a summer or two ago. I kept coming in after like not sleeping for like a day. Keep up the good work brother!
nice stuff i like it Big Grin
Thank you for the positive feedback thus far! It really is exciting to see something like this potentially help some get some gold!

I just wanted to make a post mentioning that I am still keeping up with the post if there are any questions.

Also, @Flakeybrut I appreciate the support! I still do the Ironman Races from time to time, but I focus mostly on All-The-Things these days!
this is awesome info
thanks man you are the goat

I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of materials I farm in the mornings vs afternoons
The best is morning of afternoon? Tuesday or saturday?
thanks dude!!!!
Thank you very much!!
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