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[1-300 Mining] Classic WoW Profession Guide
Gathering Professions in Classic World of Warcraft is a different beast than on retail. If you are coming from retail you may notice it takes a lot longer, and can take longer to level. If you don't know what you are doing you might even end up falling behind profession-wise.

Using these routes, you should be able to level your mining to stay caught up or go out and farm to make money for your mount or other things.

1-65 Alliance:
Dun Morogh
[Image: Dun-Morogh.jpg]
Check the blue, as a lot of nodes can spawn in the cave

1-65 Horde:
[Image: Mulgore.jpg]

65-125 Alliance:
[Image: Westfall.jpg]

65-125 Horde:
The Barrens
[Image: The-Barrens.jpg]

Arathi Highlands
[Image: Arathi-Highlands.jpg]
Check in the caves at blue for Lesser Bloodstone Ore. It is a quest item that players will be in constant demand because of leveling players.

The Hinterlands
[Image: The-Hinterlands.jpg]
Check in the caves at blue because a lot of ores spawn there. You can skip Seradane because of the difficulty.

Un'Goro Crater
[Image: Ungoro-Crater.jpg]

Information from Vanilla Guides
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