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★★ American botted and Handplayed services ★★


[Image: AM_SbyPP_mc_vs_dc_ae.jpg]


Now offering the option of having your services performed before payment ONLY to trusted members of the forum

CONTACT: Skype me @ JudyxCh0p

Keep in mind that I DO have to sleep sometimes.

How did I get here you ask? It all started in a small town south of Atlanta, GA, where one man turned his love for gaming into a way to make a little extra money.

What do I do? We provide you with the best, fastest, and safest, powerleveling, farming, and currency services around. Not to mention we have the best customer service around, and a one man American team.

Services offered include

Powerleveling, gold farming, achievements, professions, PvP farming, mount farming, companion pet farming!


1-60 - $50

1-70 - $65

1-80 - $80

1-85 - $90

1-90 - $100

1-100 - $110

1-110 - $125

100-110 - $50

Also now offering botted services, will beat ANYONE'S prices, just provide a link!

Current slots available: 3

Users we have performed services for on OC:


nav4321;2539366 Wrote:
Got 86-90 from him, did it in 24 hours, very fast and good leveler, Recommended +repped. Would use it again/10


CurbStomping;2543206 Wrote:
This guy is a beast!  I will use again for shammy once I pick professions.

DemiGawd;2455125 Wrote:
Amazing service, and good quality i like doing trades with this guy, highly recommended

jerseyboi;2457002 Wrote:
Superb service!  Professionalism was outstanding as was the speedy service. Highly satisfied with all of their hard work and dedication to their customers. I will definitely be a returning customer! Thanks guys, you rock!

bearsmack;2460430 Wrote:
Had them farm up a rather large amount of gold on one of my accounts.  They did a great job, taking it slow and steady (the way I like) as to not raise suspicion on the account.  They also kept me updated and offered updates anytime I wanted to ask for them.  Really recommended for farming stuff, I will use again.

Thanks guys!


Birdcage;2454601 Wrote:
I had a really fantastic experience with Andrew and Danny, the two guys who run WoWBank. 

Although they're just starting up as a biz, their dedication and professionalism just shone through - they entertained my queries with a great deal of patience, and delivered as they said they would. I'm glad I gave these guys a chance, and will definitely be taking up their services again in the very near future.

JSkellington;2459265 Wrote:
Ordered a 55-85 Death Knight powerlevel package along with 525 Mining and Blacksmithing. Order was fulfilled very fast and I had lots of goodies in my inventory when I recieved the finished product! (about 12k gold and various BoE gear).

Very satisfied and I will be coming back soon, THANK YOU WOWBANK!

Terms of Service Agreement

Every single character leveled or item farmed is done 100% by hand unless otherwise specified.
Your account information is safe & will never be shared.
Once you have submitted your account information, do not log into your account until the service is complete. Doing so will forfeit your service with no refund.
Trial accounts are not eligible for any service offered.
Prices are changed regularly. In order to offer you the best possible price, contact for a quote.
No refunds, partial or full will be given at anytime. Once payment is sent the product is ordered.
All payments will be made via Paypal "as a gift" with the order description ALONG with the paypal fees.
Estimated times are rough guesses, delivery time is not bound to the estimation.
No compensation will be given due to account ban or suspension, as to everything is done 100% by hand there is no reason something should occur under our services.
By ordering any service you automatically agree to these terms, they are set in stone. we reserve the right to waive any ordered service with no refund due to any rude or unnecessary action on your part including but not limited to language, harassment, password change, etc. We work hard for you in a legit manner, we show you respect & expect the same.
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