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[Leatherworking+Enchanting] Obliterium Flip Spreadsheet + Guide to use it for profit
Firstly, you need to have Leatherworking and Enchanting to make full use of this.
This spreadsheet will use the most profitable and cheapest craft from leatherworking i.e Bracers.
When you enter your servers current selling price for mats into it will automatically calculate how much profit you will make if you obliterate the mats or disenchant it. This will help you take the best decision and tell you how much profit you will make for the crafted items depending on your servers data.


[Image: 0bba67311f2df7f3afba79bb6f923195.png]

How to use it:

1. Go to TSM3 website here: tradeskillmaster.com you can use wowuction or TUJ for this too but TSm usually update their database every hour or s which will give you accurate data or you can simply visit your Auctionhouse if you are not lazy.

2. Download the Spreadsheet from here:

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3. Open the file and replace the fields in Yellow with the items current gold value either from the sites in step 1. or from your AH.

4. The Desired Yield is the field where you can enter how many Chaos crystal you wish to disenchant or how many Obliterium you wish to obtain.

5. As soon as you enter the values the values in Profit will change along with colour to indicate profit or loss.

6. The Chaos+Leylight column tells you the profit on your server if you purely disenchant every bracer and the Chaos+Obliterate tells you the profit if you disenchant the Epics and Obliterare the blues.

7. All other fields should be self-explanatory and hope you guys make some gold using this Smile .
Looks promising
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for info
thanks a lot mate
Looks promising
Thanks for sharing

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