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[Guide] How to start playing on Nostalrius/Elysium relaunching Vanilla WoW server
Joining and playing on a private server is the easiest thing to do and I'm here to show you how it is done.
I am sure you might have read the news of Nostalrius returning if you haven't here is the link:

Some things to note:
  • Below I will discuss how to play on the new Nostalrius relaunch/Elysium private server which runs on wow client version 1.12.1 / 1.12.2 for a perspective the current wow version is There are many other servers running TBC, WoTLK and MoP but this post is about Vanilla (Classic WoW).
  • People choose to play on older version of WoW for various reason, some like it because it brings back the nostalgia, some like the balance of that patch, some want to experience what vanilla wow was all about, while some like to play without having to shell out money for a sub every month. The server we are talking about here Nostalrius/Elysium is completely free to play with no p2w elements like cash shop whatsoever.

How to Download and start Playing on the new Nostalrius/Elysium server:

1. First, you want to download the old client (1.12.1 / 1.12.2) for WoW

WoW (English): Torrent | Yandex Disk | Mega Disk | For Mac OS

WoW (Русский): Torrent | Google Disk | Yandex Disk
WoW (中國): Mega Disk | Google Disk | Yandex Disk
WoW (Français): Google Drive | Mega Disk
WoW (Deutsch): Google Drive | Mega Disk

These links are taken from the official site of Nostalrius/Elysium https://elysium-project.org

Extract the zip file to Desktop or somewhere else.

2. Next, Create an account on https://elysium-project.org/control Use the login information when you start the game once the server launches (Elysium/Nostalrius Release Date - 17th December 2016).

3. Now, just download this small config file provided by the server http://valkyrie-wow.org/files/realmlist.wtf
This is the file that directs the client to the login server. So to speak. it tells wow where it needs to connect and to what server in this case the elysium server.
Or just use notepad to open realmlist.wtf file in the downloaded folder and change the contents inside 'set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org'

[Image: 56332ac72b91a106160fae34a5c9fc12.gif]

Where to find realmlist.wtf ?
If you extracted the zip in desktop just go to desktop folder and find the folder World of Warcraft replace the realmlist.wtf file with the one you downloaded

Some F.A.Q:

  1. Will it interfere with my Legion WoW in any way?
    Not at all, this is a separate version of wow, launch this with the exe provided inside the World of Warcraft folder you extracted. And if you want to start Legion wow launch it using battle net

  2. Will I get banned on Retail wow for playing on private server?
    No, unless you are dumb enough to boast or advertise a private server in trade chat/forums of official wow. Blizz has no way to know if you are playing on pserver

  3. If I want to play on other servers will the process be the same?
    Yes, as long as you have the correct version of the game, just change the realmlist.wtf file with the details provided by the private server of your choice and start playing. Here is a list of private servers I compiled detailing all the current active and populated private servers for various versions of wow from classic to WoD.

  4. If I played on Nostalrius earlier will my account be back and I can resume from there?
    Yes, the new Nostalrius server (Elysium) will have complete database of all characters that played during Nostalrius and will be restored as it is without losing any progression.

  5. Is the date for Nostalrius announced?
    Elysium/Nostalrius Release Date - 17th December 2016

  6. Will the new Nostalrius/Elysium be taken down as well?
    You have to understand that Nostalrius chose to abide by Blizzard's C&D letter and take down the          server it wasn't forced to do it. Pservers get C & D letters all the time that have much larger         population than Nostalrius eg: Warmane, Wow-Circle which just choose to ignore them and are running fine since 2009. The new admins of Elysium said they weren't going to give in to C & D threats so you can be sure that server is going to last for however much time you want to play.

Good luck on your journey, if you want I compiled a list of 12 addons that are essential for playing on Vanilla private servers you can download.

Still confused on what class to play on Elysium? Check out my guide on which class to pick on Nostalrius/Elysium Server Launch

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